It Must Be True…I Read it on Facebook

Janet and I occasionally get questions about travel that befuddle us…until we learn someone read it on Facebook. I do very little on social media these days beyond posting pictures and videos of our travels, my kids and grandkids, and the critters in my yard. And food. I’m one of “those” people that can’t resist food posts. As if anyone cares what I made for dinner or ordered in a restaurant.

I have resisted signing up for most affinity groups…it is entirely too easy to get caught up in the back and forth about things that don’t matter to me…but I decided to do just that prior to our most recent trip. I found an affinity group on Facebook dedicated to Secrets Cap Cana, sent in my request to join, and was granted access.

There were a few good questions and some very good responses from people genuinely trying to be helpful. And while I did learn a few things, most of what I read left me shaking my head. Many of the questions posted had been asked and answered multiple times even in the few short weeks I belonged to the group, but I guess people who love filling posts with emojis and virtual stickers can’t figure out how that Facebook search function works.

I decided to capture and share the top 10 posts and responses that left me shaking my head the most, along with notes I took of my reactions. As you read these, keep in mind I’m not making any of this up. I couldn’t even if I tried.

#10. The post: “Hi all…traveling from the UK. Can someone please tell me what travel adapters we need to bring?”

The response: “We just used our regular plugs.”

Note: Answered by an American about a resort that uses U.S. standard outlets. Real helpful to the poster from the UK.

#9. The post: “I am from the UK and I brought an adapter to the resort only to find it (the adapter) is a three prong grounded U.S. plug. The plugs in my resort are two prong. Help!”

The response: “Just cut off the grounding prong…it doesn’t do anything anyway.”

The follow up post: “Thanks. I took your advice and it worked.”

Note: They took that person’s advice but ignored everyone else who suggested they contact the concierge desk and ask for an adapter without the grounding plug. Reason 1 you read about people dying at all-inclusive resorts under “mysterious” circumstances.

#8. The post: “Looking for a bit of advice. Has anyone had problems with swollen legs? Any advice on diuretics? Looking into getting some delivered from a local pharmacy.”

The responses: “Electrolyte powder,” “Cut back on alcohol” (at an all-inclusive…really?), “Drink lots of water,” “Cut down on sodium” (not likely with all the salt the Chefs use at this place), “Diuretics.”

Note: I should point out the person posting the suggestion about diuretics, not a medical professional by her own admission, went so far as to recommend a specific diuretic that requires a prescription in the U.S. but was available over the counter in the DR. She even recommended a dosage…all without knowing the medical history of the original poster. Reason 2 you read about people dying at all-inclusive resorts under “mysterious” circumstances.

#7. The post: “What wildlife around the resorts…any lizards or birds around?”

Note: You are in a tropical destination…what do you think?

#6. The post: A picture of a spider on the edge of one of the OUTDOOR sidewalks.

The response: “This is not a joke, I have severe arachnophobia & saw the tarantula post yesterday (it wasn’t a tarantula). I’m freaking out & considering changing our vacation. I just can’t unsee what I saw. I forgot that most Caribbean spots have them. Can anyone tell me what type of spiders they’ve seen here 😬🥺😩”

The follow-up post: “Actually it was a joke. It was a plastic spider.”

#5. The post: “Bring your own Yeti cup…you’ll get a bigger drink.”

Note: That explains all the people we saw carrying Yeti cups around the resort. Ummm…it’s an all-inclusive…you can have as much to drink as you want. They’ll even give you a big cup if you ask for it and refill it for you when it’s empty or if your drink isn’t as cold as you like. No kidding…not a trick 😂😉😉😂🥸.

#4. The post: “What happens if you test positive for COVID?”

The response: “You get to extend your vacation. I was hoping I’d catch it, but no such luck.”

Note: Words fail me.

#3. The post: “When traveling with prescriptions meds and vitamins, must they remain in original containers or can they be packed in those Sunday-Saturday daily containers?”

The response: “Currently as of Monday, you had to pack medicine in checked bags on the way out of Punta Cana (airport). Just and (sic) FYI.”

A response to that response: “That has been posted several times here but it is not true.” They included a link to the Punta Cana airport’s security guidelines, which recommended putting prescription medications in carry-in. It was the only helpful response out of a dozen or so comments.

Another post later that day: “I saw a post on here about medications. It said you have to pack them in a checked bag when leaving the Dominican Republic. I hope this is not true. What if your luggage gets lost? Anyone know the answer?”

Note: That person saw the post, read the comment with the inaccurate information, but didn’t bother to read the comment with the accurate information (or chose not to believe it). They did include lots of emojis and stickers in their post.

#2. The post: “Hi! We have a 5 night trip planned in November. Do you think 5 is enough or should we do 6? We will be staying at the resort and not taking day trips.”

The response: “Seriously? You’ve booked your stay and you’ve bought your plane tickets which are insanely expensive and only getting worse. What are you going to do with the answers to this question? What if someone says it is too long (which someone did)…are you going to cut your stay short and pay the penalties? What if the consensus is 5 nights is too few, but 6 nights is in the Goldilocks zone…just right (which someone did). Are you going to double the cost of your trip for that one extra night, which’s (sic) is what it would cost for the difference in air plus the extra day at an already fully booked resort?”

Note: I wish I had written that response!

#1 The post that left me scratching my head the most:

“Do they have good cheese at this place? Not spending $1400+ unless there’s good cheese.”

The responses: Varied from “They have the best cheese in the world” to “Don’t waste your money.” My favorite response was “Cheese sucks.”

Note: It doesn’t matter. If $1400 is all you are planning on spending, you won’t be staying at Secrets Cap Cana.

Well…that’s about all I have to say about that. I know people turn to Facebook for a variety of reasons, and I understand how joining an affinity group in connection with your travel can help you get excited and learn about things you or your travel agent haven’t thought of. But be careful. Just because you read it on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s true.

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