The Final Countdown…

I have just a few minutes to finish this up and get it posted before Janet and I head out to Miami, so I’ll keep this uncharacteristically brief. If you found yourself singing the title of this post (the rock group Europe, 1986…I don’t judge) you are someone that should try cruising with Virgin Voyages.

I’ve shared what I hope to experience on this cruise, and about how different Virgin Voyages is from other cruise lines. Those posts are only the tip of the iceberg. Oops…probably not a good idea to invoke a Titanic metaphor just before boarding a cruise ship. Anyway, for the past few days I’ve been following social media posts from my colleagues who are fortunate enough to be on Scarlet Lady this week, and it has me even more excited to set sail on our cruise tomorrow. Seeing their pictures and videos reminded me of a few things I missed in my earlier posts that I want to quickly share with you now:

*I do plan to visit Squid Ink, the first tattoo parlor at sea. Not sure if I will walk away with any new ink, but I’m open to the possibility.

*I do NOT plan to visit Dry Dock. That’s Scarlet Lady’s hair styling place…I don’t have enough hair left to make that worth anyone’s time.

*I do plan to visit Stubble and Groom, the old-style barbershop, to get a beard trim. I need it.

*I will be going to the gym…y’all talked me into it.

*I will be checking out the fun on Scarlet Night. I bought a scarlet colored shirt yesterday to make sure I fit in.

Well…my suitcase isn’t packing itself and I’ve got a plane to catch, so let me wrap this up and get it posted. A cruise with Virgin Voyages is not something that will appeal to everyone, but I bet it will appeal to some of you. Follow along with me and Janet through our social media channels as we experience all that Virgin Voyages and Scarlet Lady have to offer. I guarantee you it will be different, and it just might be something you want to try!

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