State of the Union Thoughts…

My thoughts from the SOTU address…for what they are worth…lengthy post but it was a lengthy speech. And remember I am independent, not a fan of Trump, but I call it as I see it so please consider that when you read my comments regardless of your political orientation. I think I have something in here for everyone to take offense to but enjoy and feel free to respond!

Overall I didn’t care for the content of the speech, though I have to admit it was one of President Trump’s best performances. It will be interesting to see the fact checkers’ read on it. In my view the Dems totally blew it. Yes, President Tump disrespected Speaker Pelosi by not shaking the hand she proffered at the beginning of the speech but she impeached him so that is understandable. It is no excuse for her petty tearing up her copy of the speech in clear view of the cameras at the end. Total lack of respect of the office, regardless what you think of the occupant and it surprised me greatly. She is so far above that…not sure what was going through her mind at that point. What amazed me is that so much of what Trump said fell squarely into the Dem’s wheelhouse yet they rejected it all and sat on their butts. They could get so much of what they want by just working with him. I will be clear, I don’t like Trump. I have worked in the Federal government for 38 years and have seen a number of cycles where people want to manage government like business, and it simply doesn’t work. That is one of a number of things I don’t care for about him. Here are my specific thoughts:

1. Melania is a beautiful, classy and intelligent woman. Glad to see her getting some respect for a change!
2. From CNN coverage…Wolf Blizter: “And and and and and Dana.”..just spit it out dude (never been impressed by him).
3. Very poignant greeting with Justice Roberts. I give Justice Roberts high marks for his poker face.
4. AOC decided to stay home. Shame on you…you grossly disrespected your office and your constituents…it isn’t about the person, its about the office no matter what you think of the occupant.
5. Almost NO bipartisan moments. Usually there are some but not this night. Sad state of affairs. Trump hit a number of Dem applause lines and they sat on their butts.
6. Cuba policy discussion is BS…it is pandering for votes from the Miami ex-pat community…history will show it to be a very counter productive.
7. I cannot believe he tied second amendment rights to religious freedom…what??? Lost me there dude!
8. Going to Mars? Are you kidding me? I am a space nut but don’t see the point of that and I don’t want my tax dollars going to it until you demonstrate the value! We are past the point of doing things just because we can or because they are hard.
9. Talked about infrastructure and the dems just sat in their seats. I thought that was their issue?
10. Addressed equal rights and still the dems sat. They are wasting an opportunity. I don’t like him, but he WILL work with them if they just try!
11. Loved the stoic look of all of the JCS when Trump hit the DoD investment part of his speech as well as announcing the creation of the Space Force. Personally not a fan. Priceless!

Where I did like the speech was with his special visitors:
1. Introducing Juan Guaido was a surprise and a class act that was one of the few moments of bipartisan support! If only President Trump could do things like that all the time!
2. Ian wanting to go into the Space Force introduced with his great grandfather (in uniform) who was a Colonel in the Tuskegee Airmen…how the hell did he come up with that? Promoting him to Brigadier General was brilliant and well deserved to a true patriot! Great story and a very dramatic moment in the speech (still not a fan of the Space Force)!
3. Jenaiha and Stephanie….great story and I love that he awarded Jeniaha an opportunity scholarship but…he used the SOTU and the announcement to take a stab at the Governor of PA which is a borderline state. Another cheap shot in my view pandering to a segment of voters.
4. Trump is capable of acting very Presidential at times. When he announced Rush Limbaugh’s advanced lung cancer and then announced he was awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Rush was truly gobsmacked. I know libs and progressives don’t care for Rush, but the reality is he has done more to push openness in radio news than anyone. Whether or not I agree with it, I thought it was a class act for him to have Melania award it to him during the speech. Well done!
5. The neo-natal funding intiative was clever but then tying it into late term abortion legislation was a cheap shot. Not a fan of abortion at any time, but I believe it is a decision between a woman, her doctor, and her family regardless of when in her term the decision comes up. Legislating it only complicates already serious medical decisions. I know this is a hot button topic for folks…please no responses….this is just what I feel.
6. Remembering the mission to kill Al Baghdadi…calling out the parents of the aid worker killed in Syria (Kayla)…one of the most poignant moments of the night.
7. Chris Hake killed in Iraq…his widow and son Gage were present. Son was touchingly more worried about his Mom than anything else going on with the speech. Again, a very poignant moment.
8. Talked about ending the endless wars and deployments. Introduced Amy Williams, a military spouse and her two kids…husband deployed to Afghanistan multiple times. They arranged for him to come home and surprise them at the speech. Great theater and another of the few bipartisan moments in the speech. Again…very Presidential. Why can’t he do that more often?

Democrat response…what a let down and a missed opportunity. It had nothing to do with the speech and focused on state level programs that are appropriately funded at the state level but complaining about lack of federal funding. Patting yourself on the back for state level accomplishments that are appropriately state level funded and complaining that you aren’t getting help from the feds is just not credible. Very disappointing and not at all what I was expecting. A lost opportunity in my view.

That is all.

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